The gay talk

I know people are so horrified about having to tell children about the “gay thing”.  For us it came early.  My daughter wanted to bring her girlfriend over for dinner.  Callum was still very young, about seven, but it was time to clue him in on what was going on.  So I sat down with Callum and explained that Susan was bringing a friend for dinner.  But she was differrent than just any other friend.  She was a girlfriend.

He still didn’t get it.  So I said “Well your sister is gay.  Do you know what gay means?”  He shook his head. I tried to word it very carefully to not give him any feelings of right or wrong or normal or not, but to show him this was something we as a family accepted.   “Well you know how Daddy and I love each other?  Gay is when a boy loves other boys, or like Susan, girls love other girls.”

Callum looked at me with a huge grin on his face.  “Cool, I never even knew that was an option!”  Fist pump and off he runs upstairs to “tell Brody about this”.

He was not horrified, traumatized or even uncomfortable.  It was not a big sex talk, but simply about how love comes in all kinds of different forms.

I am so very happy that Susan and Callum are close.


Meeting at the boy’s school

Yes, I got the dreaded call on Friday, I needed a sit down with the boy’s teachers to discuss his non-performance.   My boy, shit he is gifted.  Last year we had an issue when I signed his blank agenda (see mom no homework), then he would go in, copy the homework he had.  The teacher would ask why he did not do his homework and he would say “My mom said I didn’t have to do that.”

This year: The teacher called and left a message that she left a note in his agenda.  He erased the message and forged my signature.  Yeah, he’s good.  Should I be amused at this behavior in a brilliant yet lazy 11 year old?  Probably not.  But I am.  I love the initiative.  The planning.  The thinking outside the box.

Does that make me a bad mommy?  Oh well.  I have not played hookie with him yet this year.  For me that is being a hard-ass.  I miss our mommy-Callum days.