Meeting at the boy’s school

Yes, I got the dreaded call on Friday, I needed a sit down with the boy’s teachers to discuss his non-performance.   My boy, shit he is gifted.  Last year we had an issue when I signed his blank agenda (see mom no homework), then he would go in, copy the homework he had.  The teacher would ask why he did not do his homework and he would say “My mom said I didn’t have to do that.”

This year: The teacher called and left a message that she left a note in his agenda.  He erased the message and forged my signature.  Yeah, he’s good.  Should I be amused at this behavior in a brilliant yet lazy 11 year old?  Probably not.  But I am.  I love the initiative.  The planning.  The thinking outside the box.

Does that make me a bad mommy?  Oh well.  I have not played hookie with him yet this year.  For me that is being a hard-ass.  I miss our mommy-Callum days.



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