My drag show

So about two years ago my daughter was active in drag performances.  Every time she had a show she would call me like a hour before and I was always working.  I’d bitch about her giving me time to get there, to plan days off.  Anyway one of her friends who was my facebook friend knew how desperate I was to see her, so she told me when Susan would perform next the day before.  So I got someone to take my shift, and with great trepidation went on my adventure.


This is my daughter as James Diamond Davis.

   Now this was not a drag performance as such, more of a dress rehearsal.  The bar, though open, was very slow.  So I asked a group of drag queens if Susan was there.  I was promptly told that no one knew a Susan.  Damn, I fail.  “James Diamond”, I corrected myself.  “Sorry” I did not know how to tell them that I had no idea of the  correct way to address someone who is not a transsexual, but a drag performer.  No, James has not yet made it.

   Feeling like the total outcast I sat and ordered a beer once, after 20 minutes a waitress approached me.  “Okay hun, but from now on come order at the bar, we don’t have wait staff on Wednesday.”  Ooops, batting a thousand here.  So about 1/2 way through my beer a man about 45 came and asked to sit with me.  He then asks why I am there, and I told him my daughter is performing.  “Now you know I am not like them.  I like women.  I really don’t get the queer stuff.”  Now, how fucking stupid is he?  REALLY?  I just told you my daughter is one of “them”.  Obviously I am fine with her being a lesbian.  WTF?  I took pains to tell him my HUSBAND would be with me but he is watching our 9 year old son.  Then he tells me he is staying up the road and could he take me out for a drink and show me what “real” men like.  I stood up and told him “You know, you are making me really uncomfortable.  I am going to go hang with the drag queens.”  I called him freak underr my breath

   Lindsay/Sly my facebook friend was there now, and I sat with her and her future wife with their child. The performaces were brilliant, and everyone was so patient with my questions.  About half way through my daughter called to tell me  she was not going to make it.  But by that time I was having a great time with my new friends. When all the performers were done I left with hugs and my daughter’s “drag-grandmother” waited with me until my husband showed up to make sure I was safe.


From left to right:  Susan/James, Lindsay/Sly, James’ drag grandmother and the last girl I never met as she left the group right after that performance.  

 The next day I woke to new freind requests on my facebook and the invitation to 2 groups for drag perrformers.  I will never forget how wonderfully they embraced me with no rejection or prejudice. 


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